This way to living benefits
It’s called life insurance for a reason. Not only does our Group Whole Life Insurance coverage provide for death benefits following the loss of a loved one, but with innovative living benefits, it also gives people who fear the costs associated with extended care the opportunity to live their lives and enjoy the time they have with those they care about.

Discover more of how our new product truly keeps the “life” in life insurance.
Accelerate Into An Alternative To Long-Term Care Coverage
When planning for the future, ensuring financial health is just as important as maintaining physical well-being and choosing the right benefits can help provide invaluable peace of mind for both. Take a closer look at how the living benefits offered with group whole life can serve as an alternative to traditional long-term care coverage. Share this information with your employer groups to show them the value that our living benefits can offer their employees.
Marketing Material
Read up on the living benefits we offer and share your knowledge with employers and employees. Our informative materials can help guide your clients to their ideal destination.
The Rise of Healthcare Costs and Chronic Illness
Chronic illness cases are on the rise, and the financial impact of this increase not only affects those who suffer from the conditions, but puts added stress on an already strained healthcare system. Take a look at our article about the rise in chronic illness cases to learn how Group Whole Life with Living Benefits can alleviate the stress associated with the costs of living with a chronic illness.
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Explore New Territory
Younger Generations and Life Insurance
There’s no “right” time to begin considering life insurance because it has benefits for people of all ages. There are lots of good reasons to purchase life insurance, including getting married, buying a home or raising a family, but often, other financial priorities take preference over paying these premiums. Addressing the misconceptions surrounding life insurance coverage is essential, and BankersWorksite is here to help you start the discussion with individuals young, old and everywhere in between.
Whole Life for Every Generation
As a Broker, it’s important to convey the need for life insurance coverage for individuals and families in every life stage. We’ve put together some informative, easy-to-understand materials to assist you in talking to your clients about the benefits our Group Whole Life product offers. Empower your clients to share their knowledge with their employees and feel free to share these pieces on your LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, using the hashtag #BWSGroupWholeLife.
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Group Whole Life
You Have Reached Your Destination
When searching for a product that delivers even more than its name implies, group whole life coverage is a solution that has benefits for individuals and families across all generations. Not only does it provide financial assistance in the event of the loss of a loved one, it empowers people facing chronic illness and other unexpected life events with the chance to enjoy their time with their loved ones, without having the stress associated with the costs of long-term care. It’s time to get to the point and demonstrate the value of this product.
Marketing Materials
Our Group Whole Life product offers benefits for everyone. Get details on coverage and the many ways that group whole life can aid the employees of your clients both now and in the future.
To-The-Point: Group Whole Life
You’ve heard a lot about what group whole life has to offer, and now it’s time to get to the point. Gain some insight on why our coverage is simple, obtainable, innovative and essential and share your knowledge with the clients you serve.
Get To Know Whole Life
Life insurance is the foundation for financial planning, addressing unexpected medical events and leaving a financial legacy. Discover the advantages and benefits associated with this flexible, affordable coverage in this brief overview video. Share this knowledge with your employer groups and on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #BWSGroupWholeLife.

Group Whole Life policy form series B 21803 underwritten by Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company®. Optional benefit Riders include Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness form B 21803 R1 ACL, Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness form B 21803 R2 CIACL, Accelerated Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness form B 21803 R3 CIACL, Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness with Restoration of Benefits form B 21803 R4 CIACL, Accelerated Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness with Restoration of Benefits form B 21803 R5 CIACL, Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Disability form B 21803 R6 DIACL, Spouse Term Insurance Rider B 21803 R7 STR, Children’s Term Insurance Rider form B 21803 R8 CTR, Waiver of Premium for Disability Rider form B 21803 R9 WPD, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider form B 21803 R10 ADD underwritten by Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company®. Payment of benefits under Accelerated Rider may reduce the Group Whole Life benefit amount that would be payable upon the death of the insured; refer to the actual Rider language for details. Limitations and Exclusions apply; actual policy provisions control. Application to determine eligibility required. Rates subject to change. Subject to availability; benefits may vary by state. Underwriting guidelines are subject to change by the Company at any time, without notice. The Company has sole discretion on any underwriting decision. These guidelines are in addition to the guidelines presented in B 0214 BWS UWG2017. This is a solicitation of insurance and an independent agent may call on you.