Help ease the financial impact of the unexpected with Accident Medical Expense coverage.

An unexpected accident can deplete financial resources. While major medical insurance may pay some doctor, lab, pharmacy and hospital bills, many people incur additional costs after an accident that they hadn’t anticipated.


Accident Medical Expense
  • Guaranteed Issue - no health questions
  • Extensive accident coverage at affordable rates
  • Guaranteed Renewable; as long as premiums are paid on time, either in advance or during grace period
  • Provides a schedule of fixed benefits payable for the losses incurred as the result of a covered accident
  • Spouse and dependent children coverage available
  • Off-Job Only and On and Off-Job coverage options available
  • No coordination of benefits- what you see is what you get


Frequently Asked Questions

Accident insurance is used to help pay for the medical and out-of-pocket costs associated with an unexpected injury. Covered injuries can occur either on or off the job, depending on the plan selected.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment pays a benefit if you die or experience the loss of limbs, speech, eyesight or hearing as the result of a covered accident.
How you use your benefit is up to you. Benefits are often used to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and healthcare costs not covered by major medical insurance.