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Group Critical Illness

Don’t let a critical illness leave you in debt from medical bills


Health insurance is valuable protection against debt from medical bills. However, if diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or heart disease, individuals may still have trouble covering out-of-pocket expenses.

BankersWorksite® Group Critical Illness protection can help cover additional financial costs—deductibles, co-payments, medicine or therapy—associated with a serious illness. Our flexible plan design can help by providing a lump sum benefit to be used for additional expenses related to a critical illness event.

Plan Includes*

  • Provides fixed benefit amounts payable upon initial diagnosis of the specified critical illness
  • Guaranteed Issue amounts
  • Competitive rates, issue and attained age rates available
  • Coverage available for spouse and child(ren)
  • Covers a wide variety of covered conditions
  • Benefits are paid regardless of any other coverage
  • Optional Riders expand coverage for additional occurrences and reoccurrences
  • No restrictions on use and no maximum issue age
  • Fully Portable

*Specific covered conditions and details may vary.