Reduced benefits, deductibles, and co-pays can take a serious bite out of an employee’s benefit package. MediFlexPlus II, a hospital indemnity plan, provides a means to help fill the gaps found in high-deductible health plans.

Group Hospital Indemnity coverage from BankersWorksite® offers a flexible plan design that provides benefits for expenses associated with a stay in the hospital due to a covered accident or sickness. These benefits can be used to help offset any out-of-pocket medical costs, such as deductibles and copays, as well as non-medical expenses incurred during recovery. Benefits can be paid directly to the provider or to the employee – it’s their choice.


Group MediFlexPlus II
  • Plan design options available to fit almost every employee’s needs
  • Pays in addition to any other coverage
  • Issue Ages: 18-69, eligible dependent children 0-25
  • HSA compatible plan designs
  • Optional riders available to enhance coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Indemnity insurance helps serve as a source of security and financial protection by paying a set amount of money for qualified medical services separate from your major medical insurance plan. These are usually based off a schedule of fixed benefits.
Hospital Indemnity insurance is a supplemental insurance product that pays a fixed amount to help cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with hospital stays. Optional benefits may include fixed benefits for outpatient surgery, physician visits, diagnostic tests and emergency room visits. An indemnity plan allows the insured the freedom to visit almost any doctor, specialist or hospital they prefer.
Designed to fill in the gaps in major medical coverage, Hospital Indemnity insurance provides benefits for a wide range of individuals, since anyone between the ages of 18-69 is typically eligible for indemnity coverage.