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Group Short-Term Disability

Avoid tapping into savings if you can’t work because of a disability


A disability isn’t always a long-term health concern. In fact, disability can refer to a broken leg from a skiing accident, pulled back muscles from cleaning out the garage or a cancer diagnosis that can put a person out of work for days or even weeks at a time. In addition to a disability of any sort affecting one’s physical health, it often impacts their financial well-being.

BankersWorksite® Group Short-Term Disability coverage can help provide benefits for day-to-day expenses that occur during a period of disability. A smart financial decision when preparing for the future – its customizable benefits plans can assist individuals as they tackle a temporary disabling illness or injury.

Plan Benefits

  • Flexible plan structures
  • Provides a monthly benefit directly to the insured
  • Coverage issued up to 67% of current gross monthly salary, including commissions**
  • Waiver of Premium included***
  • Coverage for mental and nervous disorders
  • No reduction of benefits due to any other coverage, including Worker’s Compensation
  • Pre-existing credit for replacement of prior group coverage
  • Issue age rates available
  • Flexible riders, including Partial Disability, Limited Pre-Ex and FMLA, add valuable benefits

* Plan details may vary.

**Gross monthly salary includes commissions, which are based on a 6-month average. Bonuses and overtime are not included.
Subject to maximum benefit allowed.

***Waiver of premium applied once the covered employee satisfies the elimination period and begins receiving disability benefits