When injury or illness strikes, many families are unprepared. In addition to an initial hospital stay and related financial stress, there can also be the time and money spent in rehabilitation and recovery.

Many individuals cannot afford the expenses incurred from a nursing facility stay or in-home health care, but there is a viable option. An Individual Short-Term Care Nursing Facility Confinement policy provides customizable coverage that takes the unique needs of these individuals into consideration.

Individual Short-Term Care
  • Provides an affordable approach to costly nursing home care
  • All levels of care are covered for eligible confinements
  • Unique coverage and plan design
  • Optional Home Health Care Rider
  • Optional Cancer First Occurrence Rider
  • No prior hospitalization required
  • Restoration of benefits after being treatment-free for 180 days
  • Full benefits paid for Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia and Parkinson's disease
  • 10% household discount available for qualified applicants*
* Household discount may be applied if you are married or have you continuously resided with another person for the last 12 consecutive months and your spouse or the other person either already has an existing Short-Term Care Policy with us or is he or she applying for one at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short-term care insurance allows you to focus on your recovery after an injury or diagnosis of a chronic illness by providing up to 360 days of benefits to help cover medically-necessary nursing facility confinement expenses or home health care from a licensed agency.

Short-term care insurance pays benefits when your physician deems a stay at a nursing facility is medically necessary and you are unable to perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
  • Transferring - otherwise known as functional mobility, which includes the ability to walk and get in and out of bed and chairs
  • Dressing - the ability to select appropriate clothing and dress oneself
  • Toileting - getting to and from the toilet, sitting down and standing back up, and cleaning oneself after use
  • Eating - the ability to feed oneself, not including the preparation of food
  • Continence - the ability, both physical and mental, to use the restroom
  • Bathing - the ability to wash oneself without assistance and get in and out of a tub or shower
Short-term care insurance can provide benefits for up to 360 days and may aid in covering costs for nursing facility stays and/or licensed home health care (when purchased with the optional Home Health Care Rider.) This coverage can be more affordable than long-term care insurance and a desirable option for your employees, especially for those under 65, who don’t anticipate a lengthy stay in a nursing facility or require home health care for an extended period of time. Long-term care insurance is an option for those facing medical conditions that require care for 12 months or longer.

Short-term care insurance is also ideal as a supplement that can be used during a long-term care policy’s waiting period. And, unlike some long-term care policies, prior hospitalization is not required to be eligible for benefits.
If you have an accident or are diagnosed with a condition requiring a stay in a nursing facility, short-term care provides a benefit to help cover your daily room costs. Following a stay in a nursing facility and after you have been confinement-free for six consecutive months, your benefit period is restored to 100%.* The lifetime maximum benefit is two times the benefit period selected. This means that should something happen in the future your fully restored benefits would be available to you when you need them.
*Not available in all states
All levels of nursing home care are covered, including treatment at a nursing facility or care from a licensed Home Health Care agency (when the optional Home Health Care rider is purchased) for qualified confinement or care. Full benefits are paid for Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive impairments. No prior hospitalization is required.
  • Daily benefit amounts from $30 to $300, in $10 increments
  • 0 or 20-day elimination period
  • Benefit periods of 90, 180, 270 or 360 days
*Options vary by state
Your policy cannot be cancelled due to any changes in your health, as long as you pay your premiums on time. Once you have received benefits for the maximum number of days payable under the policy, and no further benefits will become payable, the policy will terminate.

Short-Term Care Nursing Facility Confinement Policy† form B 21702 underwritten by Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company®, Atlanta, GA. Limitations and Exclusions apply; actual policy provisions control. Rates subject to; change on a class basis. Application to determine eligibility required. Product availability and benefits may vary by state.
†Limited Benefit Nursing Facility Confinement Policy for residents of Illinois.
For Idaho residents only: The form number for the Policy is B 21702 ID and Optional Rider B 21702 R1 HHC ID (Home Health Care Rider.
This is a solicitation of insurance and an independent agent may call on you.